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4 Common Homeowners Insurance Claims During The Summer

With summer soon approaching, it’s best you should know what type of homeowners insurance claim are most relevant during this time of year. Is its roof leaks, theft, fires? Also, why should you be preparing your home for the summer months? Well lucky for you we put together a list of our top 4 common homeowners insurance claims during the summer! 

Why Should You Prepare Your Home for the Summer?

There is a lot that you can do to your home, in order to help better prepare it for the summer months and avoid an insurance claim. Better preparing your home will ensure that for one, you may prevent further damage to areas of your home, and your insurance company will give you the money to fix any damages after a storm or other type of damage. 

An important point to remember too if you do not keep up with any damages around your home, insurance companies will most likely give you a hard time giving you money during the home insurance claim process. Unfortunately, denied claims are very common in this situation and are much harder to appeal. At the end of the day, take some time to do easy tasks around your home. It will help you in the long run when you need to file a claim. 

Common Types Of Homeowner Insurance Claims During The Summer

1. Outdoor Fire Insurance Claim

This one may seem pretty obvious, however, outdoor fires including bonfires, cookouts, grills, etc. all can do serious damage to your home or property. Accidents happen, and when they do, especially with any type of fire, the cost to repair your home can rack up quickly. Based on a report from the NFPA Gas grills were involved in an average of 8,900 home fires per year, between the years of 2014-2018. That is a lot of fires, a lot of damage to properties, and a lot of money lost. 

As we stated previously, take the time to clean your grills and fire pits. Doing so will help prevent any possible fire from spreading and it will save you having to file a home insurance claim when your property gets damaged. 

outdoor fire in rhode island
If you have an outdoor fire this summer season, always keep watch on the fire pit, to make sure it does not spread outside, causing you enormous amounts of fire damage.

2. Water Damage Insurance Claim

Water damage is a problem a lot of homeowners have during every season and in the summer, this is still the case. Rainstorms and thunderstorms can bring a large amount of water in short periods of time. If a flood occurs, it may cause severe structural damage. Not to mention that contents within your home or property will become damaged, some unrecoverable, and some that can be fixed with extra work. The worst part about a water damage claim is that it may not be covered under your current policy. 

Most homeowners insurance policies, specifically do not list floods as a covered peril, due to the fact that the cost of repairs is very high. Especially for smaller insurance companies, they will tend to not be able to cover a flood in a standard policy. You may have to buy separate flood insurance for this under your home insurance. For smaller water damage claims, you may able to get the money from the claim. In any case, if you do have water damage of any kind, it is important to file a claim. Always check your insurance policy if you are unsure if water damage will be covered or not. 

3. Swimming Pool Insurance Claim

This one may seem a little bit out there, but believe it or not, swimming pools are a very common hazard during the summer. In this case, we are talking about accidents or injuries associated with swimming pools and possible water damage that can be caused by them. For instance, let’s say that you notice a water leak in your basement, which then you come to find out is actually caused by your pool. This may be covered under your insurance policy and you will most likely be able to get it repaired by your insurance company 

However, let’s talk about the other scenario what happens if there is an injury associated with your pool? When you file your claim, you will probably notice that you may have gotten denied. This is due to the fact that you may not have been following the guidelines set forth by your policy. In order to protect themselves, your insurance company will write in your policy certain clauses you must follow. Whether that is saying you need to install a pool gate or fence, you must abide by that. If the insurance adjuster finds that you did not follow the agreement, your claim will be denied. 

4. Storm Damage Insurance Claim

The summer months bring about the worst types of storms. Hurricanes, tornadoes, and hail to name a few. If your home is not up to date with repairs, the beginning of the summer is the perfect time to start them while it’s still not too hot out. We recommend roof repairs, siding repairs, gutter cleaning, etc. anything that will help water drain fast, and not get into your home, which will easily cause mold damage. 

If an insurance adjuster sees poor upkeep to the home before the storm damage, it will be hard to negotiate your claim. Also, just like fire damage, storm damage can become very expensive quickly. As we stated previously if you do not have the correct type of coverage, then you may have a tough time when it comes to getting the money to repair your home. 

damaged roof tiles from hail in rhode island
Hail damage is just one of the many types of homeowners insurance claims you may have to deal with this summer season.

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