What Should I Ask My Public Adjuster During a Claim?

What Should I Ask My Public Adjuster During a Claim?

The insurance claim process can be a very tricky ordeal. First, you have the loss itself to deal with, which can cause a ton of stress worrying about how you are going to clean up your home or business after a disaster. Next, you have to call your insurance company and submit your claim. You may find you are not going to get the money you deserve out of your claim. So, what now? By hiring a public adjuster, you are eliminating the stress on your end, and you will be receiving the money you need to fix any damages. But what exactly do you ask your public adjuster? Let’s discuss what you should ask your public adjuster during a claim.

First - Why Hire A Public Adjuster?

As a public adjusting company, we know what it’s like to have to worry about your claim by yourself. It’s severely stressful trying to understand your policy fully, and to know where you could be receiving more money to fix the damages to your home or business. A public adjuster, especially one from Performance Adjusting will be able to come in, assess your policy, handle all communications with your insurance company, and get you more money in the end. One last point – a public adjuster is also very different from an insurance adjuster. A public adjuster works alongside the policyholder and the insurance adjuster works for the insurance company. Having someone on your side that isn’t the insurance company can bring a feeling of relief.

What Should I Ask My Public Adjuster During A Claim?

How Do You Know You Can Get Me More Money Out Of My Claim?

This is a very common question we receive as a public adjuster. Being in the business for over 18+ years, we are very proud to say we have helped our customers receive more money out of their claims than they would previously without our help. We look for any area in your current policy, where you are entitled to base on your current situation. If we see you should be receiving more, you most certainly will be seeing that money as well.

what should you ask a public adjuster? You should ask how much you will be receiving after they step in and handle your claim.
A public adjuster will be able to come in and negotiate your settlement with your insurance company. In the end, you will most definitely receive a higher settlement when working with Performance Adjusting.

How Much Does Hiring A Public Adjuster Cost?

Most public adjusters will not add on any type of fees for using their services. However, at the end of your claim, a small percentage of the settlement will go to the public adjuster. At Performance Adjusting, this is how we do business with our clients. On another important note, at the beginning of your claim, we will not charge you anything for a consultation with us, including a free quote.

Will A Public Adjuster Handle All Communication With My Insurance Company?

This is one of the many reasons hiring a public adjuster is a great option. Not having to deal with the insurance company is a huge plus for many, especially when it comes to negotiating your claim. A public adjuster knows where to look on your policy, knows how to talk to your insurance company, and knows what the insurance adjuster may have missed. Overall, if you do not know what to say to your insurance company, a public adjuster will help handle all the communication involved.

Have You Handled My Type Of Claim Before?

Depending on the type of company, a public adjuster has most likely handled your type of claim before. However, services vary everywhere by state. You will want to ask your public adjuster if they ever handled your type of claim, that way you know if they are the right public adjuster for the job! For our services and claims, we are seasoned in at Performance Adjusting, feel free to check out our dedicated services page on our website.

How Long Does The Insurance Claim Process Take With A Public Adjuster?

Whether you just started the insurance claim process, or you are dealing with them after you have received your claim estimate, you are probably wondering if a public adjuster can make this process faster. Ultimately, this depends on the type of claim and how responsive the insurance company is. A much more complicated insurance claim may take much longer, however, what is important is the payout in the end. A public adjuster may be able to continuously find ways to make more money for you around your claim, and allow you to replace more damages than you previously were able to. In the end, while it does take a bit of time, you will be happy to know you are eliminating a ton of stress on your end while receiving a larger settlement.

Waiting on an insurance claim
An insurance claim most of the time is not a speedy process, especially if there is a lot going on in a claim. It can take weeks, even months. A public adjuster will help you not worry about the length of your claim and get you back to your normal life as quickly as possible.

Do You Need Help With Your Insurance Claim - Hire Performance Adjusting!

Hopefully, we were able to answer some of your questions about what you should ask your public adjuster during a claim. If you would like a public adjuster from Performance Adjusting on your side during the insurance claim process, feel free to contact us today! We will work with you, representing you on your behalf, taking away the stress of your insurance claim. Call or contact us today for a free consultation and learn more about how we can help you get the money you deserve in the end.


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