Business Interruption

When your business is interrupted by fire, water, storm or vehicle damage, every day out of business is revenue lost. Getting the money that you deserve for your property damage claim in RI is vital to ensure that your business can recover correctly. More importantly, what business interruption insurance is intended to do is gain the proper amount of income that would be gained during the time necessary it takes to restore your property. This may be confusing to most people, and when you aren’t fully aware you may lose out on money you are entitled to. Remember, the insurance companies have an expert Rhode Island insurance adjuster on their side and you should have Performance Adjusting on yours.

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Business insurance claims can be due to; fire, water, storm or vehicle damage

Business interruption insurance can cover everything from the revenue that you will lose during repairs to relocation to employee wages. It can be difficult to know what can and should be covered in a particular disaster, but we will be more than happy to inspect your business’s property to make sure that you receive the claim you deserve. No business should have to go too deeply into debt or even go under because of something beyond the owner’s control, and it is always in your best interest to have a Rhode Island insurance adjuster on your side. Contact Performance Adjusting today to find out more about how we can help you in the face of disaster.