Q: What is the Job of a Public Adjuster?

A. Public Adjuster – A Public Adjuster is someone that represents the homeowner in an insurance loss. They are NOT employed by the insurance company; they work on the homeowner’s behalf. A public adjuster negotiates with the insurance company in order to obtain the necessary amount of money to get the property back to its prior condition before the loss took place.

Company Adjuster – A Company Adjuster is an insurance adjuster who works for the insurance company. They represent the interest of the insurance company and are paid by the insurance company.

Independent Adjuster – An Independent Adjuster is an insurance adjuster who is hired on a contract basis by an insurance company to represent the insurance company’s interest in the settlement of a claim. They are paid by the insurance company.

Q? Why Should You Hire a Public Adjuster?

A. An insurance policy can be extremely complicated, with many laws and provisions that revolve around claims. Every homeowner should be familiar with their own insurance policy, but there are many tactics that the insurance company uses to improperly reimburse their clients for their losses. Similar to hiring a lawyer to represent you with legal troubles, a public adjuster is necessary for getting the property owner paid for all the damages in order to get their home back to the way it was prior to the loss taking place, without having to use a penny of the client’s own money. A Public Adjuster knows all of the provisions and clauses of the insurance industry, so they can ensure that an insurance company cannot cut any corners in issuing compensation for a client’s loss. Public Adjusters also deal with all communication with the insurance company in order to make the claim process as stress free as possible for the property owner. Lastly, public adjusters know how to write an extremely detailed scope of the damages to ensure all of the proper steps are taken in order to get the homeowner every penny that they are entitled to.

Q? I submitted a claim earlier and am not satisfied with the compensation, what can I do?

A. By law, the insured has two years to go back into an old claim and try to obtain an improved settlement. At Performance Adjusting, we will be happy to take a look at a claim that took place within the last two years in order to get you a better reimbursement from the insurance company.

Q? How long do I have to report a loss?

A. As stated previously, by law you have two years to report a loss.

Q? Are Public Adjusters Specialists?

A. Yes. In order to be a Public Adjuster one needs to be licensed, bonded, completed continuing education and authorized to practice the Public Adjusting profession in the state in which they work in.

Q? How Do Public Adjusters Charge For Their Services?

A. We receive nothing from our client until our client receives a payment from the insurance company for the claim. Once the claim is processed, a Public Adjuster receives 10% of whatever the claim settles at. Therefore, the harder the Public Adjuster works to make you money, the better off both yourself and the adjuster is. In retrospect, this payment is minor because a Public Adjuster helps the homeowner receive a substantially larger amount than the 10% that they receive per claim.

Q? How Long does a claim usually take from start to finish?

A. A claim from start to finish usually takes approximately 3 months. The time for each claim depends on the size of the claim, and the information behind each claim.

Q? What separates Performance Adjusting from other Public Adjusting companies?

A. At Performance Adjusting, we have a full office staff working hard in order to ensure that we receive every penny possible for the property owner and to make sure the homeowner has the proper funds to get their home back to its prior conditions before the damages occurred. Someone is always available to answer your call and assist you in any way possible. We handle all aspects of a claim, including additional living expenses, construction, public adjusting, mitigation, etc. Lastly, here at Performance Adjusting we have an in-house attorney assisting us when needed to ensure that nothing stops us from getting the homeowner the money that they are entitled to.