A public adjuster will ensure that you get every dollar to which you are entitled for your insurance claim. The average homeowner does not have the experience or training necessary to understand the claims process and what they are entitled to, but a public adjuster does. By choosing Performance Adjusting, you are putting the stress of an insurance claim into the hands of professionals who benefit only when you benefit.

It’s difficult to predict the timetable of a settlement, due to the many types of coverage plans, companies, and claim types. However, once a more detailed inspection of the claim is performed, we can much more accurately predict the outcome. Request a FREE Consultation and we can give you a much better idea.

Our public adjuster fee is 10% of total recovered loss. We do not collect any fees until the insurance company’s settlement check is in your hands. No hidden fees, no upfront costs.

Any time you have property damage you should use a public adjuster. Even if you don’t believe it will be a large or difficult claim to deal with, we can give you a free, no strings attached consultation to see if it makes sense to put in a claim or fix the damages out of pocket. Why trust that your insurance company is going to accurately estimate your damages if their goal is to pay out as little as possible?

You should call a public adjuster as soon as you have property damage (unless it is a dangerous situation where you should call 911 first and then us). The earlier we are hired onto your claim, the better settlement you will end up with. We should be your first call, not your insurance company.

Performance Adjusting is superior to any other adjusting company (not to toot our own horn)! We have a staff member dedicated to each portion of the claims process to ensure that everything is done properly and efficiently. We use advanced technology and techniques by our trained adjusters and estimators to accurately assess your property damage. On top of that, we make it easy for you to check the status of your claim by our app on both the IOS and Google Play app stores.

A public adjuster is hired by you, the property owner, while an independent adjuster is hired by your insurance company. Similarly, a company adjuster is an adjuster that works directly for your insurance company. A public adjuster has your best interest in mind while an independent or company adjuster has your insurance company’s best interest in mind.

If you have already filed a claim you can still hire a public adjuster. Even if you have already received a settlement check from your insurance company, we can come in at almost any point and help you with your claim.

Performance Adjusting can fight for you within a two-year statute of limitations. We are here to fight for you whether it be the inception of the claim, or one year down the road when supplemental funds are needed.

As you continue to complete repairs, keep invoices, receipts, and checks. Some insurance companies require photos of the completed work. Our advice to all insureds is that from day one of your fire damage claim, keep records of everything. With proper record keeping, Performance Adjusting can assist you in recovering your depreciation.

This all depends on the severity of the damage. Each fire loss yields a different outcome. Damages may appear later during the reconstruction process that were not initially visible.

Once a settlement has been reached and the insurance company has all the requested information, a check will be issued.  This check typically takes 7-10 business days to arrive.

This means that your property’s total insurance is less than the value of the property itself. If a loss were to occur, you may have a penalty applied and the full payment of the loss would not be issued. It is critical to ensure that you have enough coverage in your insurance policy. An adjuster from Performance Adjusting would be more than happy to review your policy for you free of charge.