Bernard – Apollo, PA – HOMEOWNER

Bernard’s home in Apollo, Pennsylvania had a fire that was absolutely devastating to him and his family. His insurance neglected a majority of the damages that came from the fire and smoke as well as the water damage from the fire being put out. His insurance company only offered him $171,000. We were out to Apollo shortly after and got him $374,000 to fix his home.

Jerry – Warwick, RI – HOMEOWNER

When Jerry suffered water damage to his Warwick, RI house which was caused by ice and water from the previous winter’s snow storm. He initially called the insurance company and was offered a little over $12,000 for the damages. Knowing that amount was not a fair settlement for the excessive damage, Jerry called us. We went to his home and carefully assessed the damages, took photos, examined his insurance policy, and took over communication with his insurance company. We then presented our findings to the insurance company’s adjuster, and after negotiating with the pricing we were able to reach a settlement of $48,128.13.

Tammy – Narragansett, RI – PROPERTY MANAGER

Tammy’s Narragansett rental property, was subjected to water damage after a pipe burst. She was offered $32,036.03 from the insurance company for the repairs to the home. She knew right away that the amount offered by the insurance company wasn’t enough, and after asking around she was referred to us. We then took over the communication process with the insurance company and worked hard to get her the money that she deserved in order to get her house back to the way it was prior to the damage taking place. After going through all the necessary steps to get her the money for the claim, we were able to settle the claim for a little over $100,000. This was a significant increase from the initial offering.

James – Barrington, RI – HOMEOWNER

After James suffered a fire at his home in Barrington, RI he called us to get involved in order to help him receive the money he deserved to restore his property back to pre-loss conditions as quickly as possible. We took over all communication with the insurance provider and after writing a scope and negotiating with the insurance adjuster, we were able to avoid the appraisal process and obtain a settlement of $248,203.66. James even said “When Bill D’Amico told me the final figures, I was in shock. Performance Adjusting went far beyond my expectations and made an overwhelming situation, bearable”.

Laurie – Oxford, CT – HOMEOWNER

When an unexpected tornado landed in Oxford, Connecticut, Laurie’s roof suffered obvious damage, which then led to the addition of water damage. She initially called her insurance company who gave her $65,000.00. She knew that wouldn’t be enough due to the size of her home. After searching on the internet, she decided to call us to gain her the compensation she deserved. We were able to write a new scope and were able to obtain a settlement of $138,900.00.

Jose – Pawtucket, RI – HOMEOWNER

Jose didn’t realize that having a little bit of water damage could turn into a lot of mold damage when left untreated. $2,500 was what the insurance company thought would cover the damages. When we inspected his home, we knew that wouldn’t make a dent! We ended up getting him $7,800 and now his home is mold free!

Tim – Lynn, MA – HOMEOWNER

Tim’s home in Lynn, MA was heavily affected by both water damage & mold damage after the bathroom on the first floor had leaked due to issues with the plumbing. His insurance company only offered him $16,600 for the damages while we estimated $29,000. We ended up settling the claim at $23,100 which was enough to restore his home to the pre-loss conditions.

Sam – Warren, RI – HOMEOWNER

When Sam had mold growing in his basement, he was reluctant to submit a claim but knew it’d be too expensive and dangerous to let it go. He called his insurance company and they offered him $7,000 for the damage. He knew this price was far too little to cover the damage. When Sam called Performance Adjusting, we were able to fight for him to get the money he deserved. Not too long after, Sam got a check for $27,000 and was able to restore his basements!

Tom – Providence, RI – BUSINESS OWNER

Tom drove to work one morning to find out that his business had been heavily vandalized overnight. He called his insurance company right away to submit a claim as he did not want to waste any time and experience business interruption. The insurance company was hesitant to cover the damage which is when he called us. After the appraisal process, we were able to settle at $23,000 for the damage as well as the cost of business interruption. This was well over the estimate that was given to him by the insurance company. Tom was back to business shortly after.

Martin – Attleboro, MA – HOMEOWNER

When Martin’s family home was destroyed in a fire, he had no other option than to live in temporary housing. His insurance company offered him $279,000 for the damages to his home. When he called Performance Adjusting, we were able to settle at $392,000. Although Martin’s home will never be the same, he can sleep easy knowing he will have the money to rebuild his house.

Jennifer – Newport, RI – BUSINESS OWNER

Owning a small business is hard enough without having a pipe burst during a storm. Jennifer’s building suffered from severe water damage which later turned into mold. When her insurance company only estimated $4,000 for the damages, Jennifer knew it was not going to cover the costs. We were able to skip the appraisal process and settle at $16,000 to fix the water and mold issues. Customers were back in her building in no time!

Amber – West Warwick, RI – HOMEOWNER

When a fire engulfed Amber’s kitchen, she was not sure what to do to restore her home back to prior loss conditions. Knowing that she needed someone on her side, she went online to find a public adjuster. Performance Adjusting was able to manage the whole claims process from start to finish. When we showed Amber the difference in our estimate compared to her insurance company, she was in shock. Amber was able to get $30,000 for her damages, allowing her to properly rebuild her kitchen.

Ron – Smithfield, RI – HOMEOWNER

Ron’s house was struck by lightning during a summer storm. After emergency services were able to put out the fire, Ron’s home suffered from $37,000 of fire damage, smoke damage, and water damage. Although the insurance company only offered him $21,500 for the damages, we were able to get him the full amount.

Richard – Westerly, RI – BUSINESS OWNER

Being in the food business requires your building to be spotless and almost always ready for customers. Richard knew that when a pipe burst in his kitchen, it could cause mold to grow. This meant he was out of business until it was fixed. We were able to quickly resolve his issue by getting his insurance company to pay out $9,000 for the water and mold damage plus another $7,500 for the business interruption. Now he’s back to business!

Lou – Cranston, RI – PROPERTY OWNER

$3,700 was not enough money to fix the vandalism at Lou’s property in Cranston, RI after his tenant left. We stepped in as soon as he called us and got his insurance company to pay out $7,200. Lou’s property is restored and ready for a new tenant!

Anthony – Narragansett, RI – PROPERTY OWNER

College kids can make you money during the rental season, or they can cause a lot of expensive damages to your property. When Anthony’s tenants moved out for the summer, he found out they had been hiding water damage that had occurred during the winter. Anthony’s insurance company offered him $8,000 to fix the damage. After calling us, we were able to get him $17,500 for the damage. Now Anthony can fix his property for his summer tenants.

Bette – Riverside, RI – HOMEOWNER

Bette came home one afternoon to find that her home had been broken into and vandalized. After contacting the police, she called us. Her insurance company barely offered her money to fix the damages. We doubled her claim payout. Performance Adjusting always has your back.

Sandy – Central Falls, RI – HOMEOWNER

Insurance claims are a pain to deal with. Sandy realized this after her insurance company was taking months to pay out for a simple water damage claim. We stepped in and increased her payout size by 50% and she was fixing the damages a month and a half later.

Noah – Fall River, MA – HOMEOWNER

Noah had a sewage pipe that had burst in the middle of the night. He called us at 2 AM and we were out at his house less than half an hour later. We stopped the damage from getting worse and later got Noah all the money he needed to make his home look like nothing ever even happened!

Zahir – Hartford, CT – BUSINESS OWNER

Zahir owned a local pizza shop in downtown Hartford, CT. Unfortunately, one of his employees noticed mold growing in the basement as a result of an undetected leak. We took care of the entire claim for him while getting him $4,500 for the mold remediation & business interruption.

Lauren – Portsmouth, RI – HOMEOWNER

Lauren’s insurance company denied her claim when she filed for water damage. Knowing that she couldn’t pay for the damages out of pocket, Lauren contacted us and we were able to get her claim paid out. $7,000 later, her property damage was fixed and she didn’t have to worry any longer!

Gordon – North Kingstown, RI – PROPERTY OWNER

Vandalism claims can be difficult to deal with, especially when a property has been vandalized unknowingly for a long time. Gordon’s tenant had been trashing the apartment for months on end leaving the place with $8,000 of damage. His insurance company offered $5,000 but we made sure he was properly compensated for the damages.

Jon – Pawtucket, RI – BUSINESS OWNER

Jon’s business was nearly destroyed by a vehicle that crashed into his showroom. Understandably, he wanted to get back to work as quickly as possible so he gave us a call to handle it for him. We were able to get him $46,000 from his insurance company to fix the property and for business interruption. He was able to get the damages fixed in less than 6 weeks and got back to work!

Leroy – Westerly, RI – HOMEOWNER

When a truck crashed into Leroy’s living room in the middle of the night, he was shocked by the amount of damage it did to his Westerly home. What was even more shocking was how little his insurance company wanted to pay out. Long story short, he called us and we got him compensated for the damages correctly. $27,000 quickly turned into $48,000.

Tonya – Bridgeport, CT – PROPERTY OWNER

Tonya’s 3-floor apartment building caught fire last year. The fire damage, smoke damage, and water damage put her tenants out of the building for months. She called us before calling her insurance company to ensure that she got paid out by her insurance company fairly. We got her $15,000 more for her claim!

Damien – Narragansett, RI – PROPERTY OWNER

Damien’s student rental property in Narragansett was a popular spot for college kids to rent. Last Spring, he discovered that one of his tenants had one of the toilets leak into the basement and was left untreated for the entire renting period. With out help, Damien was able to get $9,500 for water damage and mold damage!


“I couldn’t be more pleased with Billy D’Amico and his crew!! They were punctual, pleasant, and knowledgeable about what caused the damage was and how they would fix it and what the next steps would be. If I had questions they got back to me very quickly. The restoration crew came in like a SWAT team and in no time at all my house was drying out. After meeting with the insurance adjuster- they came back to the house because the adjuster had the figures way off. If it wasn’t for them, I would have never known exactly what I was entitled to for damages. After they left my house was super clean and everything was put back in order. I have referred Billy and his team to all my friends. They take care of everything! Thank you PA!! I’m forever grateful!”

Christine B.

“Shawn was my hero when he was able to get me two times more than what my insurance wanted to pay. I highly recommend Performance Adjusting. Thank you so much!”

Jennette P. – Cumberland, RI

“After suffering sewage back up in my Narragansett, RI rental, I knew the amount of money my insurance provider gave me would not be enough. I called Performance Adjusting and was able to get $10,000 more. I absolutely recommend this company. “

Kevin S. – East Greenwich, RI

“I couldn’t be more thankful for what Performance Adjusting did for me and my family.”

Pedro S. – Pawtucket, RI

“My experience using Performance Adjusting was nothing but great. They took a very stressful situation and made it simple. Thank you so much.”

 Susan P. – Cranston, RI

“Calling Bill D’Amico at Performance Adjusting made a huge difference in my final claim offer. Without the team at Performance Adjusting, I would have never received the necessary compensation I deserved.”

Jerry M. – Providence, RI

“Last year my pipes burst in my Newport, Rhode Island home. I used Bill D’Amico for my claim. When my sister just had the same problem, I knew right away she needed to call them. I had to leave a review to say thank you for fighting for my family and really being on our side during the whole process.”

Shanna J. – Newport, RI

“Didn’t know I had 2 years to file a claim, without Performance Adjusting, I don’t know where I would be. THANK YOU!”

Kaitlyn J. – Pawtucket, RI

“Performance Adjusting was a Godsend for us. They had done work for us previously and after a tree fell on our house, in one of the March Nor-Easters, they were one of our first calls. They dealt with the insurance company directly saving us tons of time in phone calls and meetings. They made sure that we got what we needed to get our home back to its original condition. Thank you, Bill and Staff!!”

Chris H. – Plympton, MA

“After contacting my insurance company and only getting enough money to repair half of my kitchen, I contacted Bill D’Amico. His team worked right away with me, coming to my house the same day I called for no charge. I was able to repair my entire kitchen and even had enough money to add a back-splash!”

Kimberly L.

“At first I was devastated. The insurance company told me that I didn’t have a claim, meaning I would be stuck paying for the damages out of my own pocket. After getting Performance Adjusting involved they were able to prove that I truly did have a claim, and were able to get me far more than I expected. I can’t thank Performance Adjusting enough. They were able to save me from the aggravation that comes along with the insurance company while saving me thousands of dollars that I thought would be coming out of my own pocket.”

Michael M. – North Providence, RI

“Mike Lyons oversaw my claim with my insurance company. He is an expert in this realm and helped me tremendously!”

Jo W. – Brockton, MA

“Shawn, Matt and Bill Jr. were an absolute pleasure to deal with. When the insurance company went low, they fought for what I needed. Could not ask for a better public adjusting company in the state of Rhode Island.”

Jack W. – Narragansett, RI

“I didn’t know I had the option of using a public adjuster to get me more money when my house burnt down last August. Thankfully I found Performance Adjusting on Google and was able to get my whole house covered! Couldn’t thank these guys enough for helping me out. Great experience with a local business.”

Luca T. – Coventry, RI

“Performance Adjusting is the ONLY choice when it comes to hiring an adjuster. From the second I found out that we had a broken pipe and the water was pouring out at 10:00 pm – I contacted Billy. Within 20 minutes I had a team of people at my house shutting off the water, located the busted pipe, fixed the pipe and started the cleanup. Billy the owner was on location within 30 minutes making sure we were being taken care of and took down all our info. They took everything over and a disaster was handled by pros. By the next day, everything was cleaned, a pod was delivered to store our belongings and we were on our way to getting our precious home back. During a critical time, make sure you make the right choice – Performance Adjusting!”

Mike M. – Providence, RI

“Everyone at the office is always so friendly. Thank you for making this awful situation better.”

Betty R.

“Through this hectic time, Bill D’Amico was very helpful and professional in getting production done. He will do anything in his power to rectify any damages to the property. I highly recommend using him and/or his firm to anyone going through similar burdens.”

Cheri D. – Providence, RI

“Excellent company for floods, fire, and soot!”

Henry R.

“After last years Nor-Easter, I never thought I would be able to get the amount of money needed to get my house in Providence, RI to the previous state. After going through Performance Adjusting, my estimator Bill D’Amico was able to get more than enough money to fix my home.”

Daymond G. – Providence, RI

“Being a contractor I deal with claims on a regular basis. It amazes me to see the difference in the way a homeowner is treated when a public adjuster is hired. Homeowners don’t settle for less than they deserve when a public adjuster is used, and they are accurately made aware of what their policy provides. Performance Adjusting is the most knowledgeable public adjuster I have had the luxury of dealing with. Bringing them in to handle your claim should be an easy choice when an unfortunate event occurs.”

David D.

“Challenging my insurance company was intimidating. After some very frustrating dialogue with my carrier that seemed to go on forever, I elected to seek assistance. Shawn was a responsive problem solver who addressed my claim with integrity and with a tremendous sense of urgency. He resolved the matter to my satisfaction quickly. It is clear that the outcome would have been very different if I didn’t have the benefit of Shawn’s knowledge and experience. I would highly recommend him without any reservations and would gladly use him again.”

Jeanmarie L. – South Kingstown, RI

“I did not know that I could hire a public adjuster for a homeowner’s claim. A friend told me about this company. I called them they told me about their services they handled everything and got me a very good settlement to have my house repaired. I will not have anyone else handle my claims but this company. Thank you, Bill, and your staff for an excellent job.”

Dennis L.

“Bill came through at a very difficult time, my damage was much bigger than myself or my insurance thought, if it weren’t for this company I would have lots of incurred expense and out-of-pocket expense…. my project was completely better than ever and was completely covered. Thanks again, Bill!!!”

Steve F. – Exeter, RI

“After all the chaos I went through with the water damage in my house, this was the easiest and most relieving part of all. Billy and his staff made it their priority that I received the money I truly needed to bring my house back to its original condition.”

Cole M.

“After having a pipe burst last winter we were left with damage to the walls and floors of the master bedroom of our home. Performance came in and handled the claim start to finish leaving very little stress and aggravation for my husband and me to deal with. Dave was able to get us reimbursed for the plumber who initially came out and ultimately got us the funding to replace the connected hardwoods in the hallway outside the bedroom that was not damaged so all flooring could match again, which was one of our primary concerns and not something our insurance company had originally wanted to pay for. At such a busy time of year, they were able to settle in just under two months. While I hope our home does not get damaged again, knowing Performance will be there once again has provided me great peace of mind.”

Pamela P. – Cranston, RI

“After the damage to our beach house, we called Performance Adjusting to help with our insurance claim. They did a great job in uncovering all of the covered damages and also made us aware that we were eligible to receive our lost rental income from our insurance company. They were all very knowledgeable about the insurance process and even helped us locate contractors to repair our house. Thanks again!”

Angela S.

“After a storm caused damage to my home, the insurance company offered me a check that did not seem to add up. I needed an advocate to help me deal with the insurance company, and that’s exactly what I found at Performance Adjusting. They came to my home several times and thoroughly inspected the area. Then, they dealt with my insurance company personally and achieved a much higher payout than I expected. They facilitated the entire process from beginning to end. The next time I have any damage to my home, I’m going to avoid the headaches involved with the insurance company and will call Performance Adjusting right away.”

Fran C. – Cranston, RI

“I did not know that I could hire a public adjuster for a homeowners claim. A friend told me about this company. I called them they told me about their services they handled everything and got me a very good settlement to have my house repaired. I will not have anyone else handle my claims but this company. Thank you Bill and your staff for an excellent job.”

Dennis L.

“I didn’t know I had the option of using a public adjuster to get me more money when my house burnt down last August. Thankfully I found Performance Adjusting on Google and was able to get my whole house covered! Couldn’t thank these guys enough for helping me out. Great experience with a local business.”

Luca T.

“Excellent company for floods, fire, and soot!”

Henry R.