Managed Repair Programs Will Lose You Time and Money

Have you heard of a managed repair program? If you have some knowledge of what they are, or you came here to learn more about them, you are in the right place! Managed repair programs in your insurance policy, may seem like a huge benefit to you as the home or business owner, however, when it comes down to it, it’s just another way the insurance company makes you lose out on money. Here is why ultimately managed repair programs will lose you time and money.

What Exactly Are Managed Repair Programs?

Within your homeowners, insurance policy is a couple of clauses that state that your insurance company will manage all the repairs for your property. This includes finding the company that will do the repair work for you. Now, this sounds all and great, however, what happens when you want to do the repairs yourself, or you want to be able to choose the restoration company that fixes your property after damages. This is why managed repair programs can hurt the homeowner. These types of managed repair programs remove the homeowner from any say in who gets to do the repair work. If you want all of this managed for you that is totally fine, however, let’s look at how you will be losing both time and money.

managed repair program from insurance company. What exactly is a managed repair program?
Going for a managed repair program is not the best idea, as you will be losing time and money. However, sometimes there is not way to prevent your insurance company from using a managed repair program.

You Will Lose Time and Money Using Managed Repair Programs

First, perhaps the most important question of an insurance claim is how long it will take? Depending on the type of claim you filed and where you are at in the process of the claim, it can take a while for you to see the end of it. With the managed repair program, the process will take even longer, as your insurance company will need to reach out to a restoration company and will need to fill them in on everything. During this time period, you may not even hear from your insurance company. Several weeks may fly by and your insurance claim may feel like it’s going nowhere.  

You will also lose out on money using a managed repair program. This is because your insurance company will be contacting a restoration company on your behalf, without letting you in on the process of who will be doing the repairs on your home. You have no say in whether or not you end up being the person that fixes the damages or a very expensive company. Ultimately, a managed repair program will hurt you in the end, simply due to the fact you are losing precious time and money when you could be already through the insurance claim process and on your way to fixing your home or business.

What Can You Do About A Managed Repair Program On Your Insurance Policy?

Unfortunately, there is not a lot you can do. Managed repair programs are becoming increasingly more common, as it is a way for the insurance company to make more money. However, there is something you can do as the policyholder, you can find a new insurance policy at any time! If you are currently unhappy with your policy, you may be able to negotiate with your insurance company for a new policy. If you do not like your insurance company, you can also find a new one entirely. We believe it’s important that as the insurance policyholder, you should be able to determine who gets to repair your home, not the insurance company.

switch insurance polices if you do not want a managed repair program involved with your insurance claim.
Switching your insurance policy is the best option to get out of a managed repair program, which are becoming increasingly more common.

Stuck In A Managed Repair Program? Hire Performance Adjusting!

As a public adjusting company, we can help you as the homeowner, get you the money you deserve from your insurance claim. Instead of going through the insurance company’s managed repair program, allow us to take over, handle your insurance claim, and we’ll let you decide who repairs your home. We can recommend a great restoration company such as Rhode Island Restoration, but we would never force you to go through them. We want to get you the money you deserve in the end. Call or contact us today for a free consultation and learn more about how we can help you when dealing with your insurance claim! 

Contact Performance Adjusting for Free Consultation

Public adjusters offer many benefits to property owners. Besides helping you file an insurance claim, adjusters can negotiate the best possible results and take the load off your shoulders. However, it’s crucial to partner with a public adjuster that represents your interests.

Performance Adjusting is a leading public adjusting firm licensed to practice in four states — Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Florida. We provide practical solutions by dedicating trained professionals to each client. We aim to get customers the highest possible value for their claims. Take advantage of our free consultation and call 401-724-9111 today!

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