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Roof Leak Damage RI: It’s That Time of Year

If you notice any dark or wet spots in your ceiling or walls, you may be experiencing roof leak damage in RI. This is a very common occurrence, especially this time of year. Whether it be a small leak or some major damage, you’re going to need an experienced public adjuster in RI to ensure that you’re going to be properly paid out for your insurance claim.

What Causes Roof Leak Damage?

A roof can leak from many different factors. Due to water being able to get into small spaces, it is easy for a roof to contain a small, or a major, opening that can make water seep into the ceiling and walls, soaking the installation and potentially a risk for electrical equipment. From this roof leak, you could potentially have water damage to the interior of your home. If it does get into any electrical equipment, you could risk major fire damage.

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Another cause of a leaky roof is debris. Broken tree limbs that fall onto your roof during a storm can cause major damage, puncturing the shingles and allowing water to come into the home. In RI, you could qualify for a brand new roof if you file an insurance claim for missing or punctured shingles and use Performance Adjusting as your public adjuster.

What Is An Ice Dam Roof Leak?

An ice dam is a major cause of roof leaks this time of year. An ice dam is a build-up of ice on the edge of the roof and gutters due to an uneven surface temperature of the roof. The snow will melt from a higher point of the roof (above 32 degrees Fahrenheit) and roll down the roof, stopping at the edge where there is less heating (below 32 degrees Fahrenheit). This creates a pocket of water that sits on your roof and can seep into any cracks or holes on the roof’s surface. Another factor is the weight of the ice, this could cause severe damage to the roof and/or the gutters.

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What Are the Dangers of A Roof Leak?

The damage does not just stop at the roof. Any room that is directly below the roof will experience flooding and other types of water damage. On the inside of the walls, mold damage and mildew will begin to form if not treated, causing major health concerns for those occupying the home. Electrical wiring in the walls and ceiling becomes a risk for fire damage when water is present. The entire structural integrity of your home is at risk when it comes to water damage.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Roof Damage in RI?

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Depending on the causation of the damage, most homeowners’ insurance policies cover this form of water damage. When your roof leak damage is caused by wind, lightning, or any other named covered perils within your policy, then your insurance can payout for a new roof or roof repairs, as well as any possible water damage on the interior of your home. Insurance companies won’t cover you for typical wear and tear on the home, so a frequent inspection of your roof is recommended.

How Much Does Roof Leak Damage in RI Cost?

The average price for fixing a minor roof leak (replacing shingles, simple patch, etc.) can cost up to $400, with more moderate repairs that will cost about $1,000. Major repairs and full roof repair can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $20,000, so it is very important to have a trusted public adjuster on your side to ensure that you receive every penny you need to restore your home after a loss.

What To Do About Roof Leak Damage

Call us! A public adjuster is exactly what you need for situations like this. With us on hand, you will have a company with over 30 years of experience and trust that your roof leak damage insurance claim in RI is being taken care of.

We’ll ensure that you are paid out correctly from your insurance company to properly restore your home back to pre-loss conditions. We will be happy to take your call 24/7 and send someone who will be out there the same day for a free consultation.

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