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Is Roof Leak Damage Covered By Insurance?

One of the worst feelings as a homeowner can be watching the roof over your head deteriorate, right before your eyes. Whether your roof has seen damage from a storm recently or has needed repair for quite some time now, there could be an unforeseen cost just waiting to show itself. In most cases, roof leaks often cause damage to electrical wiring, ceiling, or walls, depending on where the water leaked into. It is better to catch the roof leaks as early as possible, as, in the long run, it could potentially save you thousands of dollars. 

Identifying a roof leak is a stress in itself, but now you have to deal with your insurance company…we know how that normally goes. We will also talk all about how a public adjuster can be your best option for this situation. 

Before we continue, let’s look at some early signs to look for as roof leaks can become expensive – fast, so what is covered by insurance and what isn’t? 

water damage from roof leak damage covered by insurance. Let a public adjuster in narragansett ri help ypu

Identifying roof leak damage

Generally speaking, roofs last around 20 to 30 years, however, any number of factors can cause the lifespan of this number to be reduced dramatically almost up to 50%. One of the most noticeable aspects of a leaky roof is ceiling stains. These types of stains can span across the ceiling or run-down walls in some cases. Either way, it’s a sure sign of a roof in need of repair, as if this is left unchecked it could potentially lead to the entire ceiling needing to be fixed as well. Not to mention that eventually, water that gets into these areas can create much larger and more expensive issues such as mold, dry rot, damaged insulation, and much more. Do not brush off a ceiling stain for these very reasons.

dry rot from roof leak damage

Damaged shingles are another for sure sign of a potential roof leak that could be noticed on the outside of your home. Shingles are meant to protect the rest of the roof from the elements. When these begin to break, the roof becomes exposed to these, which can lead to another host of issues. 

These are just a couple of ways to identify a roof leak. While they may seem pretty standard, most homeowners ignore these problems for another day. Now that you know these, let’s go over exactly how your insurance company will cover the cost to repair a leak.

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When is roof leak damage covered by insurance and when it isn’t

Generally speaking, your insurance policy is the best place to check exactly what your insurance company will cover when it comes to leaky roofs. It is important to point out however that some insurance policies will not cover leaks that are caused by poor upkeep by the homeowner. Also, depending on the original cause of the leak, some insurance companies may be hesitant to help you fund the repairs. This is why identifying and fixing potential causes such as damaged ceilings or shingles due to water damage, can save you a lot of money in the long run. 

Typically, with a leaky roof, mold and fungus are a direct result of the issue. Unless stated otherwise, your insurance company will tend to cover properly disposing of any mold growth. However, if the leak was not claimed in a timely manner, then you are likely to experience some trouble from your insurance company not willing to pay for the repair.

mold damage from roof leak damage. Call a public adjuster in Charlestown, RI

Where do we come in?

We know that the cost of repair for a leaky roof can become expensive and stressful quickly. Let us negotiate with your insurance company for you, to make sure you are getting the money you deserve to repair your home or business back to normal. Instead of paying thousands of dollars out of pocket, wouldn’t you rather have your insurance company to pay for it? We can help!

What happens if I already filed an insurance claim?

That is completely fine! In fact, most of the inquires we receive are from those that have already talked with their insurance company and were not happy with the money they were to be receiving for the cost of repairs. We will step in for you, taking the stress away from a difficult situation. 

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