How To Get Your Roof Replaced With Insurance

Roof damage is inevitable. Storms, especially ones with high winds are always going to cause some sort of damage whether you realize it or not. Shingles could blow off exposing the inside of your roof to the elements. So, what now that you have noticed the damage and you begin discussing with your insurance company? Let’s look at how to get your roof replaced with insurance. 

Will the roof damage be fully covered by homeowner’s insurance?

The short answer is…it depends on your coverage in your insurance policy. For the majority of insurance policies, your roof damage may be covered in two different areas repair coverage and replacement coverage. Depending on the extent of the damage your insurance company will decide what type of coverage you need. If there is minor damage such as some shingles missing and is deemed more repairable then you are likely to receive repair coverage. However, in the case of extensive damage, replacement coverage on the other end is less likely to get the claim accepted by your insurance company as the cost to replace a roof is very expensive. In the end, everything is situational, and in order to make sure you are receiving the most money you deserve in the end, you should hire a public adjuster who will communicate with your insurance company on your behalf. 

Will the roof damage be fully covered by homeowner’s insurance

Roof Leak Damage

We have already written an extensive blog post on roof leak damage that may be helpful when trying to understand how much damage will be covered in this specific instance.  

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Can I switch homeowners insurance policies?

Throughout the entire process of filing a claim and realizing it was a struggle for your insurance company to help you out in the way you deserve, it may be time to switch policies. Most homeowners do not know this, but you can switch your policy at any time, without additional costs. It is very important to choose the right homeowners insurance policy and it can take a while to find the right one for you. 

Document the roof damage

Now that you understand what is covered by your insurance policy and what isn’t, it’s time to now document the damage. A great tip for every homeowner is to take pictures of how your roof looks right now. If you haven’t done so already, go do this! When showing before and afters to your insurance company, it will greatly help you with your claims process. It is also important to note that when your insurance adjuster comes out to inspect the damage, have all your documents ready to present to them right away (including the new photos you took hopefully).

Find an experienced and reputable roofer

Once your claim has been approved, it is time to find a roofer that will get the job done swiftly. Do your research to find a roofer that may have experience when dealing with insurance companies. Also, perhaps have a couple of roofers in mind and compare quotes for their repair services. We know a very good restoration company if you need your roof repaired. Rhode Island Restoration offers 24/7 emergency services and is highly trained to clean up any kind or amount of property damage that you may have. 

How can we help?

When you have roof damage let us help you! Whether it’s a new claim that has yet to be filed or an old claim where you feel you didn’t get enough money from your insurance company give us a call for a free quote.

At Performance Adjusting, we will make sure you get the most money for your insurance claim without the hassle of dealing with them yourselvesDon’t let the insurance company run your claim into the ground.  

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