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Storm Damage in Warwick: Storm Season Has Arrived

Storm season is upon us and is scaring homeowners for potential storm damage in Warwick. With the amount of rain and wind we get hit with around this time, properties are at high risk of being damaged. Around RI and surrounding states, we see a lot of lightning and thunderstorms. These storms can bring on high winds that can blow roofs right off people’s houses! The rain can cause roof leaks which can lead to both water and mold damage. With lightning comes the risk of fires starting, which can be life threatening and cause fire damage to your property. Wind and storm damage in RI can be extremely expensive to property owners. If any of these damages happen on your property, pick up the phone and call Performance Adjusting at 401-724-9111!


  Tornados and hurricanes don’t happen often as they do down south, but we are still in a high chance zone of tornados touching down or a hurricane bringing in forceful winds right here in RI. Storms labeled as a tornado and a hurricane are way worse than a thunderstorm. When people hear about a tornado or a hurricane on the news, it’s a big deal. People’s homes can be totally flattened or destroyed. When faced with damage from a hurricane it’s tricky because not all hurricane damage is covered by your homeowner’s insurance. Everyone’s policies are different but if yours does have coverage for wind damage, you may find that a separate hurricane deductible is included.

storm damage in warwick


 If your home or property becomes a high risk of getting hit by a hurricane or storm here are some tips to prepare:

  • Strap down roof
  • Protect attached structures (porches and decks)
  • Test pumps and drains
  • Get storm shutters and window covers
  • Take inventory of your home and possessions (this is important for evidence if you make an insurance claim)
  • Make sure you have good homeowner’s insurance
    • When you borrow any amount of money to buy a home, your mortgage lender will insist that you purchase homeowner’s insurance that’s sufficient to cover the amount of your loan. While lenders mandate homeowner’s insurance to protect themselves, the best homeowner’s insurance policy will also protect your financial interests.


   Wind can be the most damaging aspect of a storm. What most people don’t realize are the different types of winds. Here is a list of types of winds:

  • Straight-line wind (any thunderstorm wind)
  • Macroburst (outward burst of strong winds at or near the surface)
  • Microburst (downburst that produces an outward burst of strong winds)
  • Gust Front (gust of winds ahead of a thunderstorm)
  • Derecho (rapidly moving showers or thunderstorms)


  If your house or property is struck by lightning it is at high risk of starting a fire. Houses are filled with many possible routes for lightning to strike. Anything conductive is a perfect place for lightning to hit. With houses having electrical lines and water pipes, lightning is attracted to it. Lightning is so powerful it can jump through the air from one conductive path to another! If lightning hits a house with a direct hit here are the three major hazards that the homeowner needs to look out for:

  • Fire danger (wood or any flammable materials can be ignited when encountering a lightning channel)
  • Power surge damage (this can damage any home non-electric or electronic appliances)
  • Shock wave damage (Waves that can be destructive to concrete, brick, or stone and can blow out windows)
fix lightning storm damage
Lightning damage from a storm.


After your property is damaged by a storm it is important to take safety precautions. Make sure to shut off gas lines if your home starts to smell like gas. Be aware of water damage in your home because that could result in mold damage. Beware of broken glass or any sharp objects from falling debris. Once your property is safe it is important to take all the pictures you can of the damages. The next step is to call Performance Adjusting. We can put in a claim for you, get in contact with your insurance, and get the most money for you to start rebuilding!

If your property in Warwick, RI or anywhere else in RI, MA, CT, PA, NC, SC, or FL experiences storm damage or any other damages from the upcoming storms, call Performance Adjusting and we will help you and get you the money you need and more! Follow us on TwitterFacebookYouTubeLinkedIn, or Instagram for more information about what we do!

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