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Areas to Inspect Before a Storm: East Greenwich

Preparing For A Storm in East Greenwich

Storm season is upon us, which means your property is at risk for some major damage. Everyone’s top priority during a storm or hurricane is to make sure your home and family are safe. It is always a smart idea to inspect your home for any potential dangers before a storm hits. Here are some areas to inspect before a storm in East Greenwich, Rhode Island:

The Roofroof damage east greenwich ri

Your roof is one of the most common areas of a home to be damaged during a storm. It’s also the main barrier between your home and the rain! Hurricanes, tornados, and other windstorms can easily blow shingles off the roof. Every year you should inspect your roof, to make sure shingles aren’t missing or broken. If they are, get them fixed prior to the storm as broken or missing shingles can cause water from the rain to enter your home. Water damage and mold damage are expensive and could be dangerous.

Be sure to clean out your gutters before a storm. You could have the most durable roof but leaks can still be caused by overflow in your gutters where debris blocks runoff. Clean gutters = low risk of water damage!

It could be beneficial to invest in lightning rods to protect your East Greenwich home from the dangers of lightning strikes. Lightning can cause a strong electrical current throughout your home that can result in a dangerous and expensive fire to occur. Other ways to protect your home from lightning are installing surge protectors or unplugging your appliances & electronics before a storm.

water damage east greenwich ri

The Foundation

Any cracks in your foundation can compromise the integrity of your home. As your home is repeatedly hit by storms, the cracks can get larger and become more serious. Just a small windstorm can cause a crack to expand causing a lot of damage. Damage associated with cracks in your foundation can be as small as a quick fix to the crack or as serious as water and mold damage.

The Exterior

Before a storm, you should check the outside of your home. Any sort of cracks, chips, holes, or stripped paint to the exterior of your home can be worsened by even the smallest of storms. Vinyl siding is a common exterior for homes and other buildings. It acts as a great weatherproof barrier to your home. Unfortunately, during a storm, this type of siding is prone to crack or become torn off during a windstorm so be sure to check to see if your siding is in good condition.

Windows & Doors

It is vital to inspect the sealant around your doors and windows to be certain that water cannot penetrate your home. Check to see if there are any cracks, dents, or holes in the screens or glass of your windows & doors as these would be at high risk of storm damage. Some invest in storm shutters for your windows which can become expensive. If you do not want to purchase shutters, it is recommended to at least have the supplies needed to board up a door or window in the event of damage during a major storm.

fence damage in east greenwich riDecks & Railings

Thoroughly inspect any decks, railings, or fences you may have attached to your home. These can be easily damaged by high winds or any debris flying around in the air during a storm. Everything should be tightly screwed down, painted or stained with high-quality materials.

tree damage east greenwichTrees

It is extremely common for trees to fall and cause damage to all areas of your home. If you live in a neighborhood where your property is close to trees, inspect them prior to a storm to ensure that they are strong enough to withstand high winds that could blow through East Greenwich, RI.

Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

Although it’s not a physical area of your home to inspect, it is crucial to check your homeowner’s insurance policy in East Greenwich to be confident that you are covered by different perils associated with storms. All policies are different, so you need to know if you are covered for storm damage, water damage, mold damage, lightning damage, roof damage, and tree damage to your home.

After A Storm in East Greenwichstorm damage claim east greenwich ri

Once the storm passes through, a second inspection to your home is vital. Check all of the areas listed above to make certain that everything is still in good condition. If you notice any kind of storm damage, water damage, or even if you have fire damage, call our sister company, Performance Restoration at 401-724-9111 right away. We respond to your home right away to prevent any further damage to your property. After the risk of future damage is diminished, Performance Adjusting will get started right away on your storm damage insurance claim in East Greenwich. We will fight to get you the money you need to fix the damage!

If your home in East Greenwich, RI or anywhere else in RI, MA, CT, PA, NC, SC, or FL, has storm damage, call Performance Adjusting and we will help you and get you the money you need and more! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram for more information about what we do!

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