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Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Tips

Did You Have a Fire and Need Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Tips?

A house fire is one of the most devastating things that can happen to a home. It can destroy just about everything that you own. The lasting damage to your home and the rest of your property can be incredibly difficult to repair. If your property has been damaged by smoke or fire, you’ll need fire and smoke damage restoration tips to help you begin the repair and recovery process.

Remove As Much Smoke Damage as Possible

Even if untouched by fire, smoke and soot can ruin your walls. House fires leave behind soot that is very greasy. It can leave unsightly stains if you don’t know how to remove it. First of all, try to brush away as much of the soot as possible. You can scrub away much of the smoke damage with some detergent and bleach, but not if you only end up rubbing loose soot and ash into your walls. Make sure to include anything of value in your Rhode Island fire damage claim before you begin cleaning just in case you won’t be able to remove all of the damage.

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Smoke Damage Insurance Claims

When In Doubt, Don’t Touch

One of the biggest issues with smoke and fire damage is that ash and soot particles can be left behind long after a fire has been put out. These particles can be next to impossible to remove from carpets, curtains, and other fabrics.

If you don’t feel comfortable cleaning something by yourself, don’t touch it. Leave it for the fire damage restoration company, Rhode Island Restoration, and the claims adjusters at Performance Adjusting! We know how to handle anything that’s been affected better than you will.

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Soot Damage Insurance Claims

Replace Your Carpets

Whether you clean your home yourself or you leave it for the damage restoration professionals, your carpet will almost certainly collect a lot of soot and ash. This can be harmful to anybody who lives with allergies or other upper-respiratory issues. If there is any sign of damage to your carpet, make sure you get it replaced. If you’re not sure if your carpet is affected, it’s best to err on the side of caution and replace it anyway.

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Be Careful with Sooty Clothing

It is extremely easy to rub soot into your clothing just like it is into carpets and curtains. Try not to rub your clothes when you clean them if they have been affected by the fire. Also, do not throw them into the wash with the rest of your clothes.

Not only will you make the problem worse, but you could contaminate the rest of your clothing. Sometimes to clean smoke-damaged clothing you can send them to the dry cleaning, but this is another case where you should err on the side of caution. Throw your damaged clothes away if you don’t know if you can save them.

Hire A Rhode Island Public adjuster

A house fire really is one of the worst things that can happen to a home for several reasons. We know that you can get through it. If your home has been affected by a fire, don’t hesitate to contact a Rhode Island claims adjuster at Performance Adjusting. We will be happy to take a look at the damage. Your insurance might be able to cover the worst of the damages. Even if they seem too much for you to handle.

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