6 Surprising Things Your Homeowners Insurance Won’t Cover

6 Surprising Things Your Homeowners Insurance Won’t Cover

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We have talked a lot about homeowners’ insurance on our blogs recently! We think it is a super important topic to discuss just because it’s surprising the many things people don’t realize that their homeowner’s insurance won’t cover for them. If you have experienced any of these claims on this list, then you were most likely very annoyed knowing that you will not get the money you deserve. Here are some of the most surprising things your homeowner’s insurance won’t cover.  

Homeowners insurance won't cover... Renovation Damage

Let’s say that you are doing some recent renovations to your house to make it ready for spring, well just be careful what you are replacing in case of an accident. It is totally okay to update the countertop, repaint the walls, and re-laminate the floorboards. However, if you start making more expensive renovations such as replacing the chimney, siding on the house, or the roof, you will not be covered by most homeowner’s insurance policies. For these larger renovations, you must invest in a renovation policy on top of your current one, obviously, it can be a bit expensive but essential in the long run.  

homeowners insurance wont cover renovation damages

Homeowners insurance won't cover... Natural Disasters

Flood damage

Natural disasters are already tough to deal with on their own, but now you have to file a claim with your insurance company just to find out they will not be covering the flood damage. The reason – it’s too expensive for them. By all means, this is true, but that doesn’t make it any better, unfortunately. There is an option for homeowners that live near flood zones, however. Purchased through the federal government, flood insurance helps cover the cost of this type of damage and will save you a massive headache worrying about getting your stuff repaired.  

Earthquake damage

Another natural disaster that you may not be covered for is an earthquake. Just like flooding, earthquakes can cause massive and, in some cases, irreversible damage to homes. Luckily on the eastern side of the U.S., these disasters are not as common as it is out west. The good news is that if you live in areas that are commonly associated with earthquakes, then you can purchase a separate policy for just this instance. However, if not then you are most likely not going to be covered for the damage. 

fallen tree on street in rhode island

Homeowners insurance won't cover... Mold Damage

Most homeowners are most likely very surprised to see this one on this list, mainly because mold is so common. Especially if you had a pipe burstroof leak damage, or any other type of water damage affect your home, then mold is soon to follow quickly. If we could count the number of claims we receive from homeowners affected by mold damage then we would lose track, almost immediately.  

So why isn’t it covered? A couple of reasons. First off, if you had any of those types of damages listed above then you are most likely covered by insurance as it is hard to stop these events in what is known as “covered peril.”

However, if there was a consistent problem you noticed with your house that wasn’t a direct result of outside influence (ex. a tree falling on your house, which caused water to leak leading to mold damage), then it is not going to be covered. Also, in natural disasters, as we discussed previously, where mold begins to grow and damages your house, this will also not be covered.  

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Homeowners insurance won't cover... Sewer Damage

This one is another type of damage many would think is covered but isn’t. Only if you purchase separate coverage to your existing policy, will you be safe from an extra headache after a disgusting clean-up process. Why isn’t it covered? Simple. Just like the other claims on this list, sewer damage is expensive and can damage a lot more than just the walls or ceiling it comes through.  

Homeowners insurance won't cover... Running A Business out of your home

In these times of uncertainty with a lot more people working from home make sure you have business insurance, separate from your homeowner’s insurance. If a natural disaster hits or any other damage affects your in-home business, you will not be covered. Especially in the case of a fire, all your damaged property for your business will be lost without a way of restoring it through your insurance company.  

Were you affected by anything on this list?

As a homeowner, if you were affected by any of these surprising natural disasters, roof leaks, damage from renovation, etc., and you were not covered when filing the insurance claim, then let us help you! Our staff of adjusters has been handling claims for over 17+ years. We know what to look for, we know how to talk with the insurance company, and we know how to get the most money for your claim. Call us at 401-724-9111 or contact us today! 

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