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Homeowners Insurance: Does it Cover Renovations to Your Home?

After disaster strikes your home and you are going through insurance to fix the damages, how do you know it will be covered fully? With a big renovation project such as this, you want to be certain that your homeowner’s insurance will cover the renovations. So, does your homeowner’s insurance cover renovation projects? It depends on multiple factors involved with your insurance claim, as there are some stipulations you need to be aware of. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what renovation insurance does and doesn’t cover, as well as how to make sure you’re getting the most out of your renovation coverage under your homeowner’s insurance. 

Choosing The Right Homeowners Insurance Policy For You In The First Place

Before we continue, we feel it’s important to mention this: When it comes to deciding which coverage to buy and which policy to go with, always pick the right homeowner’s insurance policy that fits your needs. What do we mean by this? For instance, in the case of a flood damage claim, most insurance policies do not come with flood insurance under the immediate policy, unless you live in an area or state that sees excessive flooding. For these homeowners, purchasing flood insurance on top of your current policy is a no-brainer. In the case of renovation insurance, most homeowners insurance cover renovations, however, if it doesn’t, we would recommend purchasing extra coverage for it, especially if you are doing a lot of renovations in the near future. So, if you need specific coverage, ask your current insurance agent about how you can add it to your policy, and never be afraid to ask will homeowners insurance cover “_____.”

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Choosing the right homeowners insurance policy for you is the best away you can avoid the hassle of having to purchase additional coverages later on, especially if you think you are going to need it.

Speaking Of Coverages, What Coverages Or Policy Changes Should You Make?

We recommend asking your insurance company about specific coverages you should add before making any renovations to your home. If you have started your renovations, we would recommend stopping and waiting for these important coverages to be added first. 

Liability Coverage

In the case of an accident on your property to you or your loved ones, liability coverage will help pay for recovery costs for them. When you are doing any type of renovations to your home, it is especially important you have this type of coverage. Standard homeowners insurance policies come with this type of coverage already, however, we would recommend increasing your liability coverage limits both before and after the renovations are complete, which will save you a lot of money in the long run, and you will be protecting yourself throughout the entire renovation process. 

Dwelling Coverage

Purchasing extra dwelling coverage during renovations is always a good idea. What happens if you hit a support structure in your home accidentally, and cause extensive damage to one or more parts of your home because of it? Believe it or not, this happens more often than you would think. Dwelling under renovation coverage will help cover any of these damages. Furthermore, any building materials you have on your home for the renovation will be covered under dwelling coverage, in the event, they are broken or stolen. 

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Increase Your Insurance Coverage Overall

When you are making any renovations, we recommend increasing your coverage overall. After all, if you are going to be making massive repairs to your home, there is no sense in why you shouldn’t want to be fully protected both during and for future renovations. Furthermore, after your home renovations are complete, if you made significant repairs, you may need additional coverage to cover any possible future damages to the newly renovated area of your home. 

Common Questions Regarding Renovations Under Home Insurance Coverage:

Do I Need To Go Through Insurance To Make Renovations?

When it comes to any renovation project, homeowners insurance is one of the important considerations. You might be surprised that some home renovation projects are considered standard and will not require you to go through your home insurance company for approval. However, you could run into issues as to what type of renovation can take place in a certain room or area so make sure you are always communicating back and forth with your insurance company, to make sure you are covered in case you accidentally cause more damage. So, do you need to go through insurance to make renovations? We suggest you do, as we said previously, in case there are any unfortunate circumstances where you cause more damage to your property, you will have to pay out of pocket to fix those damages, on top of most likely, an already expensive home renovation in the first place. 

Will My Insurance Rates Increase During A Home Renovation?

Typically, before starting any renovations in your home, you should ask this question to your insurance agent. You should be told upfront if any renovations you plan on doing to your home will increase your insurance rates and/or premiums. What types of renovations may cause a rise in your insurance rates? Typically, if you renovate large sections of your home, that add significant property value, you will most likely see a rise in your premiums, as now your home is worth much more. However, in some scenarios, your rates may decrease. If you are renovating the siding of your home, for example, and you are using materials that are much stronger and more resistant to damage, you will increase the longevity of the siding of your house, therefore decreasing the potential of an insurance claim. Your insurance company will see this and likely offer you a decrease in your premiums. In this case, having home renovation insurance will help protect you during your renovation and will get you a decrease in your premiums as you are actively making repairs to your home. 

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Lastly, Hire A Public Adjuster!

As we stated previously, accidents happen and renovations can spiral out of control fast. If you were in the middle of renovations, an accident occurred, and you did not purchase additional coverage before the renovations, hire a public adjuster to fight for your insurance claim and get you the money to help fix your renovations. A public adjuster works for you and will take the stress away from an already stressful situation. Not everyone knows they can hire someone such as a public adjuster, to help them through this process, however, in the end, you will likely be able to complete your renovations after an accident, all through insurance money.

Need A Public Adjuster For Your Renovation Project?
Hire Performance Adjusting!

If you run into any issues during your renovation, including having to pay out of pocket for damages you caused by accident and your insurance not paying for it fully, a public adjuster can step in for you and get you the most money for your renovation damage claim. As a public adjusting company, we have been representing families and their insurance claims for over 18+ years. Call or contact us today for a free consultation and learn more about how we can help you through the renovation process properly! 

Contact Performance Adjusting for Free Consultation

Public adjusters offer many benefits to property owners. Besides helping you file an insurance claim, adjusters can negotiate the best possible results and take the load off your shoulders. However, it’s crucial to partner with a public adjuster that represents your interests.

Performance Adjusting is a leading public adjusting firm licensed to practice in four states — Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Florida. We provide practical solutions by dedicating trained professionals to each client. We aim to get customers the highest possible value for their claims. Take advantage of our free consultation and call 401-724-9111 today!

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