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Will Insurance Pay For Fire Damage From Fireworks?

No matter the time of year you are shooting off some fireworks, it’s always important to follow some set of safety protocols set forth by yourself. Unfortunately, accidents can happen and in the case of fireworks, fire damage may be inevitable. So, when fireworks cause fire damage, will your insurance company be able to pay to fully repair any damages? What if they deny your claim, or do not give you enough money to repair the damages? That is when a public adjuster will be able to come in and get you the money you deserve. Continue reading to find out exactly how. 

How Many Fire Damage Claims From Fireworks Are There Each Year?

You would think that when it comes to using fireworks that people would be a bit more careful. Also, you would think that the Fourth of July is the only time when firework accidents and injuries occur, however, they occur year-round. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), “Fireworks started an estimated 19,500 fires in 2018, including 1,900 structure fires, 500 vehicle fires, and 17,100 outside and other fires.” That is a lot of fires and a lot of insurance claims that need to be handled. So, next time you set off some fireworks, take extra precautions in order to have a safe firework display, not just on the Fourth of July, however all year long. 

Fireworks in rhode island
In order to avoid a fire damage insurance claim due to fire works in the first place, take extra precautions as fires can start and spread rapidly.

What Happens When Fireworks Damage Your Property?

First, let’s talk about the difference between when your property is damaged by your own fireworks compared to when your neighbor causes damage with their fireworks. In terms of filing an insurance claim, where the fireworks started, and who was responsible for lighting them off, is very important information to the insurance company as there is a completely different insurance claim process when another party is involved with fire damage to your property. In the case of a neighbor or anyone else that has caused fire damage, getting the authorities involved is the best course of action. That way, a police report will be filed on the situation, which gives you more evidence to submit to your insurance company when you go to file a fire insurance claim. 

When it’s your own fireworks that caused fire damage, the process is the same as any other fire damage insurance claim. First, collect evidence, take photographs, gather receipts of damaged items, etc. anything to help build your case when filing the initial insurance claim. When you do file the claim, there are a couple of things you can do to speed along the process: 

Continue to speak with the insurance company about where your claim is in the process.

At points, there may be a period where the insurance company does not contact you for days while everything is getting processed. During this time, continue to stay in contact with your insurer. Doing this may put your claim as a top priority in their queries. It also tells them that you want your claim finished as fast as possible. 

Continue to push your claim

If you feel your claim isn’t going anywhere continue to push forward and make your case known. This may include calling them, adding new information to your claim, having the insurance adjuster assess the property again, etc. If you hired a public adjuster, this is the perfect opportunity for you to get another set of professional eyes on the situation. They will be able to push your claim even further through various methods in order to ensure you are receiving the most money for your insurance claim.  All of this may help push your claim to the next steps, closer to receiving your insurance money to fix the property damage from fireworks.

Now - Will Insurance Pay For Damages To Your Property From Fireworks?

In short, it depends on a variety of factors. For insurance to cover any damages fully, you need to be in good standing with your insurance company. Make sure you are up to date on payments and ensure you are meeting the requirements set forth by your policy. The best place to check this type of information would be your insurance policy or check with your insurance company for more details. If all checks out with payments, there shouldn’t be any reason why fire damage from fireworks would end in a denied claim. However, if the fire caused extensive damage, where the cost of the repair was higher than your insurance company could pay you to fix it fully, then that may result in a denied claim. Lastly, there is another scenario which may lead to a denied claim: if you live in a state that prohibits the use of fireworks. If it is illegal to shoot off fireworks in a specific state, your claim will most likely be denied based on these circumstances. 

Fireworks in rhode island with a insurance policy document
If you are all up to date on payments and are in good standing with your insurance company, there should be no reason why your fire damage claim after firework's damaged your property, would be denied.

Hire A Public Adjuster For Any Fire Damage Insurance Claim -
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If the fire damaged your property after fireworks, but you don't receive the money you are entitled to, a public adjuster can help. A public adjuster is an adjuster that works for you and will step in fully when to represent you and your claim. As a public adjusting company, we have been representing families and their insurance claims for over 18+ years. Call or contact us today for a free consultation and learn more about how we can help you through a fire damage insurance claim. 

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Public adjusters offer many benefits to property owners. Besides helping you file an insurance claim, adjusters can negotiate the best possible results and take the load off your shoulders. However, it’s crucial to partner with a public adjuster that represents your interests.

Performance Adjusting is a leading public adjusting firm licensed to practice in four states — Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Florida. We provide practical solutions by dedicating trained professionals to each client. We aim to get customers the highest possible value for their claims. Take advantage of our free consultation and call 401-724-9111 today!

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