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What To Do If A Tree Falls On Your House RI

With spring being here in Rhode Island, the weather has begun to constantly change. Harsh winds and random storms are occurring which can cause a great deal of damage to your Rhode Island home. So, do you know what to do if a tree falls on your house in RI? First things first, make sure you, and everyone or anyone in your home is safe. It is important to evacuate the home as the structural integrity made to be compromised.

What Can You Do In The Meantime?tree damage from storm ri

It is important to have a strategized plan figured out when any sort of disaster strikes your home. When a tree falls on your home, there’s a high possibility it has caused damage to certain electrical components in your home, or it could strike a pipe. The best thing to do is to call your utility company and have them shut off your electricity and gas to your home. This will reduce the risk of fire damage or some other issue that may occur due to the damage from the tree. The tree may have taken down power lines on its way down, so stay away from your home until help has arrived. If a tree falls on your roof, you may have roof leak damage/water damage which if not treated right away, can lead to dangerous and expensive mold damage. Calling the fire department is a crucial step in this process, as they will tell you whether or not your home is safe to re-enter, and if you need storm damage restoration in RI. When you call Performance Adjusting, we will have our experts sent over to your home right away to asses the damage caused on your home and begin the insurance claim process.

Prepare Yourself and Belongings

During this time of a disaster, it is a time of uncertainty for you and your home. Performance Adjusting is here to clear up that uncertainty and give you the professional help you need in order to return your home back to its pre-loss conditions. This type of damage is considered an “act of nature” which is a common disaster that is usually covered in your homeowner’s insurance, as long as there are no signs of negligence found. If you are lucky enough to have a tree fall and cause no damage, you may be left with just the cleaning fee on the tree and its debris, but this can also be covered by your homeowner’s insurance.

What To Do If A Tree Falls On Your House RI: The Most Important Steptree damage from wind storm in rhode island

You will have security and safety in knowing that your home is protected when you use Performance Adjusting for any sort of property damage. Our professional public adjusters will make sure that you get the most money possible from your damage and that both you and your home, as well as its contents, are in safe hands. With our phone lines open 24/7 (401-724-9111), we can readily be available to inspect your home and get you started on your insurance claim to get you the money you deserve to fix your Rhode Island home. If you had a tree fall on your house recently and want to see how much more money we can get you from your insurance company, you can fill out a contact form here and we would be happy to look at your existing claim. We are also able to dispatch emergency restoration services in RI for any property damage that needs immediate assistance.

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Public adjusters offer many benefits to property owners. Besides helping you file an insurance claim, adjusters can negotiate the best possible results and take the load off your shoulders. However, it’s crucial to partner with a public adjuster that represents your interests.

Performance Adjusting is a leading public adjusting firm licensed to practice in four states — Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Florida. We provide practical solutions by dedicating trained professionals to each client. We aim to get customers the highest possible value for their claims. Take advantage of our free consultation and call 401-724-9111 today!

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