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Student Rentals in Narragansett: Are You Covered?

Are your Student Rentals in Narragansett Ready?

Narragansett landlords, it is that time of the year again, College students are on their way back to The University of Rhode Island! Are your student rentals in Narragansett ready? How about your insurance policy in case of any property damage? Did you thoroughly screen your future tenants? Do you have a public adjuster in Narragansett on call? These are all important questions to ask yourself to prepare yourself for the upcoming school year at URI!

Screening Your Tenants

This is one of the most important steps while renting out your property to college students. You need to make sure that you’re choosing students who will report any and all damage to your property and won’t cause any serious intentional damage.

Be sure to run criminal and credit checks on your potential tenants and gather accurate contact information on their parents or cosigners. It would also be beneficial to create a strict, detailed lease agreement and collect a security deposit to prevent any damage from occurring at your property.

Covered Perils

There are common perils that will be covered if they occur at your property while you are renting out to tenants.

    • Although water damage claims in Narragansett can be tricky to deal with when it comes to getting them paid out by your insurance company, water damage is covered in most insurance policies, unless it is groundwater.
    • With untreated water damage comes mold damage. If your tenant has a toilet overflow and the water seeps down to your basement and mold growth occurs, your insurance company can pay for the damages. Fact: Mold will grow within 24-72 hours once the water has entered.
    • Snow becomes extremely heavy as it piles up during the winter. The weight of the snow could cause your roof to collapse which is an expensive loss. Your insurance company can pay for your roof to be replaced as well as any other damage it could have caused.
  • Theft

    • When your tenant leaves the property in the Spring and decides to take your belongings with them, your insurance company can cover the costs to replace the items that were taken. Of course, a police report will need to be filed.
  • Vandalismvandalism narragansett ri Student Rentals in Narragansett

    • This is likely the most common claim to worry about when renting out your property, especially to college students. Vandalism can be graffiti on your walls, broken screens, shattered mirrors, holes in your walls, and other purposely damaged incidents. Be sure that your insurance policy thoroughly covers vandalism. Unsure? Call us and we’ll look over your policy to make sure you’re covered.

Do you have damage to your student rental property in Narragansett?

Student Rentals in narragansett ri

If you have any damage from the past rental season or have a claim that has not been fully paid out by your insurance company, Performance Adjusting can get you the money you need to restore your property to prior loss conditions. Click here for a free consultation on your property damage in Narragansett. We’ll ensure that you get every dime needed to restore your property for future student rentals in Narragansett!

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