Fire Damage In Rhode Island: 10 Ways Fires Start In A Home

Fire Damage In Rhode Island: 10 Ways Fires Start In A Home

When people think of fire damage in Rhode Island, they most likely think of some freak accident. But fire damage in RI is way more common than you think. Fires can start in so many ways.

Here are 10 ways a fire can start in your home:

  • Kitchen Fireskitchen fire in rhode island

  • Candles

    • Who would have thought that setting a small wick on fire could lead to an entire house fire? Well, when candles are left unattended and are knocked over, they can start a fire that can easily spread when igniting very flammable items in your home (like curtains or your couch).
  • Grills

    • Even though you are cooking outside, you are not completely safe from fire damage in RI. It is important to keep your grill as far away from the side of your house as possible to prevent flare-ups that could turn into setting the house aflame.
  • Portable Space HeatersDangers of Space Heaters

    • This may be the last thing on your mind in Rhode Island’s summer heat, but keep in mind that in the winter portable space heaters are a common cause of fires.
  • Christmas Trees

    • Again, probably the last thing on your mind in July but Christmas trees and Christmas decorations are very common causes of winter fire damage in RI.
  • Kids

      • Everyone loves their kids. But no one loves when their kids play around with things like matches, lighters, or a magnifying glass and the sun! These things can easily start a fire.
  • Smoking

    • When you decide to smoke indoors, you are immediately at risk for a house fire. Even if you are carefully handling the cigarette if it is not properly put out it could light things up pretty quickly.
  • Faulty Electrical Wiring

    fire damage in rhode island

    • If the wiring in your house is old or faulty, you could experience a fire at any point. Make sure you stay up to date on the electrical wiring in your home!
  • Electrical Equipment

    • Electrical equipment can cause fires if they:
      • Are plugged into a spot where a lot of other, high power things are plugged in
      • Have loose or frayed cords or plugs
      • Are not properly being used
  • Chemicals

      • Have you ever noticed that on the back of the bottle of cleaning liquid a bold warning telling you it was flammable? That most likely means you need to store it and use it properly! If not, it could ignite!

After Fire Damage In Rhode Island

Regardless of the reason for the fire, Performance Adjusting is happy to go out to your property to assess your fire damage in Rhode Island and see how we can help you get the most possible money for your fire damage insurance claim. Call us at 401-724-9111 or fill out this form for a 100% free consultation.