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What To Do After A Fire in RI?

A house fire can be devastating and traumatic to the unsuspecting homeowner. It’s important to know exactly what to do after a fire in RI to ensure the safety of you and your family as well as preserving as much of your home and belongings as possible.

What To Expect After A Fire In RIfire damage contents ri

Unfortunately, practically every item that we have in our homes is flammable and will do nothing but fuel the fire until the emergency response team arrives. The damage radius of fire extends passed where the flames have reached. Smoke damage and soot damage will also ruin other things in your home as the smoke will penetrate any surface it can. It is important to know the risks that are associated with house fires and how it can affect you even after the fire has been put out. The fire-damaged items are covered in soot and other toxic chemicals that have been exposed and can cause serious harm to your health and overall well-being.

Immediately After The Fire

The first thing to do, like every other emergency, is to call 911. Emergency responders should be the first to be notified and the first to arrive. Make sure everyone is out of your home and out of harm’s way immediately as the structural integrity of your home is jeopardized. Once everyone is safe and 911 has been called, you can now make calls to your utility company and have them turn off all your utilities, as to not cause more damage or fuel the fire in any way. After that, contact us at 401-724-9111 at any time and we will dispatch Rhode Island Restoration, a RI fire damage restoration company, to begin the fire damage restoration process. We will then get started on getting you the money you deserve in a situation like this.

What Else To Do After A Fire in RI?fire damage public adjuster ri

Do NOT enter your home until safety officials have deemed your home safe to do so. Once your house is deemed safe to enter, we will go in to assess the fire, smoke, and contents damage. A detailed list will be made of the items that you are not able to salvage from the wreckage and will need to be replaced. These items will be assessed based on their value at the time of the loss.

Your Home Is Important To Us

Here at Performance Adjusting, we care more about you, your home, and your belongings than we do about a paycheck, so it is important that we help you get the money you need to replace the items lost as well as fixing you home. We know that some items have sentimental value and they cannot be replaced with money, so our public adjusters work extra hard in getting you the money back for the items that can be replaced.

For a free virtual or on-site consultation, contact us anytime! Whether a small or big fire or if you’ve already filed an insurance claim with your insurance company, we can help you get the money you need to restore your home to pre-loss conditions.

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