Did you recently have property damage?

When property damage strikes your Rhode Island home or business, it may feel like the end of the world. Who will fix it? How much is it going to cost me? Should I file a homeowners insurance claim or business insurance claim? Hiring a public adjuster will take care of all of your property damage problems.

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    What’s a Public Adjuster, and why do I need one?

    That’s a great question. We are a team of specialists who deal with insurance claim policies related to property damage. When your home, business, or other property is damaged, we come in and take the claims process off of your hands to ensure that you get the most money possible. Many people don’t understand how much they are eligible for in damages, and end up losing hundreds to thousands of dollars in the process. We offer free in-home consultations or virtual consultations to assess the damages, then handle the entire communications process to take the stress off of your shoulders. Once the claim is approved, we receive a small share of the settlement, and you get your home back.

    Does hiring a public adjuster really get me more money?

    Absolutely! Public adjusters know the ins and outs of insurance claims when it comes to the laws, regulations, and Rhode Island specific policies. They know exactly what to look for when assessing property damage and have advanced tools and technology to properly estimate the amount of damage your property has after a loss. 

    On average, public adjusters will get you 747% more for your insurance claim if you hire a public adjuster vs if you file an insurance claim and handle the negotiations process with no representation.

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    OPPAGA Analysis. Data refers to the median (50th percentile or typical) payment.

    Here’s How We Handle the Process

    You can reach us any day, any time. Request a free consultation, and we’ll get right to it.

    It is vital to get a public adjuster involved to ensure you get every dollar to which you are entitled for your insurance claim. Most claims that we deal with include clients that have been unfairly treated by their insurance carrier. This happens frequently because the average homeowner does not have the experience necessary to understand the claims process and what they are entitled to. By choosing Performance Adjusting, you are putting the stress of an insurance claim into the hands of professionals who benefit only when you benefit.
    It’s difficult to predict the timetable of a settlement, due to the many types of coverage plans, companies, and claim types. However, once a more detailed inspection of the claim is performed, we can much more accurately predict the outcome. Request a FREE quote and we can give you a much better idea.
    Our Public Adjuster fee is 10% of total recovered loss. We do not collect any fees until the insurance company’s settlement check is in your hands.

    Nope! Performance Adjusting is licensed to represent you in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania. 

    We are all aware that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is spreading and we are closely monitoring the latest news from local, state, and federal health officials and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). We are now rolling out virtual free consultations of your property damage. We can assure you that we will fight for you regardless of what is going on in the world!

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