Insurance Claim?
You Need The Best Public Adjuster In Rhode Island

When your business or home in Rhode Island has been damaged by a storm, fire, vandalism, or other disasters, you may feel overwhelmed. Who will fix it? How much is it going to cost? Should I file an insurance claim? The answer is….hire a Rhode Island public adjuster!

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What Is A Public Adjuster?

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A Rhode Island public adjuster is someone who represents the people or businesses filing claims under their respective insurance policies. They’re experts who take care of everything regarding property damage claims.

They will help you get through the process quickly and painlessly so that you can focus on getting back on track!

Our adjusters will also be able to get you the best settlement from your insurance company so that you can restore your home.

Public Adjuster Services in Rhode Island

It’s a lot to go through, but public adjusters are here for you. We can provide all of these services when it comes to your commercial or residential claim:

We offer free consultations with no strings attached! It doesn’t matter if you’re just curious about how this works, want more information about what our service includes, or have an insurance claim you don’t think you were paid enough for, we can help!

About Performance Adjusting

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We have been licensed in your home state to get you a high settlement since 2005! Our public adjusters are also licensed in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Florida. We are the largest public adjusting firm in RI so we’re able to handle every aspect of the claim process for you. When it comes to the insurance business and dealing with claims, we have the same interests in mind!

Performance Adjusting is a full-service public insurance adjuster firm that can handle all of your property damage needs. We are located in North Providence, RI, and East Greenwich, RI but our public adjusters work throughout New England and Florida to get you what you deserve!

Call us today at (401) 724-9111 with any questions about how we can help you after property loss claims. We’ll do everything to obtain the highest settlement for your claim all while taking your stress away!

A Public Adjuster in Rhode Island is for You

After a disaster has struck your home or business, call our adjusters today!

The sooner we hear from you, the better our chances of quickly settling your claim with your insurance company.

Types Of Insurance Claims We Handle

Our Rhode Island public adjusters would be happy to get you paid the highest possible settlement for the following perils:

Public Adjusters: We're on Your Side!

When property damage strikes your Rhode Island property, it may feel like the end of the world. On top of worrying about getting the proper compensation from your insurance adjuster, our qualified and licensed public adjusters can help you with:

  • Insurance Policy Review: when we got our adjuster license, we learned how to navigate your policy from top to bottom so our adjusters could fight to get policyholders what they deserve.
  • Temporary Housing: when your home is deemed unsafe.
  • Additional Living Expenses: reimbursement for food or clothing when you don’t have access to a kitchen or lose your personal property in a loss.
  • Communication: with insurance companies. You won’t answer a phone call, text message, email, or letter unless absolutely necessary.
  • Loss of Use & Loss of Revenue: as a business owner, your worst nightmare would be losing dollars from your establishment. We ensure that businesses filing damage claims get that back.
  • Thorough Negotiation With Your Insurance Company: our Rhode Island public adjusters are trained to act on the behalf of policyholders to fight tooth and nail for every aspect of your claim.

Licensed Insurance Claim Adjusters

All adjusters on our team are licensed in the state of Rhode Island to negotiate with insurance companies on the policyholders’ behalf. They have years of experience and plenty of knowledge of the ins and outs of insurance policies.

Fight Your Insurance Company

There are many different ways a public adjuster can help you fight your insurance company.

storm damage to a home in rhode island

The most common way is to negotiate on the homeowner’s behalf during a claim. Your insurance provider is going to try to pay you the smallest settlement possible. They do not have the same financial interest as you, so you should not rely solely on their estimate. They’ll send out a company adjuster to look at the damages to your Rhode Island home and prepare an estimate that won’t accurately represent what you deserve.

We have the best interest of the insured people, like you! Instead of trusting your insurance company, a Rhode Island public adjuster like us will get you the best possible return on your insurance claims!

Ready To Hire The Best Rhode Island Public Adjusters?

It wasn’t an accident that you stumbled upon our page. We offer high-quality service to take your stress away in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Florida. Our public adjuster experience is superior to others in the state and at the same time, our adjusters will treat you like family.

Call us today for a free consultation with no hidden fees. We put the health and safety of your family first and get you what you are warranted.