Fire Damage: Words From Our Senior Estimator

Fire Damage: Words From Our Senior Estimator

Fire damage is one of the most devastating types of property damage losses that you can experience as it has the ability to wipe out your entire home or business. We spoke with our senior estimator, Mike Lyons, about his history in the industry and his thoughts on fire damage.

Senior Estimator - Michael T. Lyons

I started in the building fire industry in the 1980s in Boston learning the art of rebuilding fire damage and the restoration of what smoke and water can do to create secondary damages. Years later, I worked for insurance companies writing and investigating fire claims throughout New England. Aside from working in the disaster industry for over thirty years, I spent a career in the fire service as a firefighter in Massachusetts. I have seen the effects of home and business fires from both angles, I can’t stress the importance of having a professional take over the stress of dealing with the insurance companies and assist in the relocation of your family or business. After experiencing a disaster, it can be too overwhelming to even think about where you are going to eat or sleep, replace medicine, or simply rent a car.

mike lyons fire damage ri
Mike in his gear!

After Fire Damage

What do you do with your pets that are truly apart of your family? What about elderly house members that need extra care and need to have someone that recognizes their situation and knows how to make them comfortable during this trying time? The best part of having your own team representing you is that we do this every day and experience countless claims in which disaster strikes. As a firefighter, we used to say “I never wish for terrible things to happen, but when it does happen we are proud to be there to assist”. I feel that saying works here for us at Performance Adjusting as well.

Mike out at a loss estimating major fire damage.
Mike out at a loss estimating major fire damage.

Why Performance Adjusting Is Different

Our team is made up of years of talent in the disaster industry and uses the latest technology to assess and comprise the best information possible to catch every detail and make sure nothing is missed when writing a detailed report and estimate to submit to your insurance company.

The insurance companies have a team of people looking out for their interests, not yours. Performance Adjusting is looking out for our clients’ interests. We spend countless hours with our team working on the claim until it is resolved. Also keep in mind that when the property is under repair, further damages may arise. Performance Adjusting will re-open a claim if needed and submit for supplemental funds within the two-year statute of limitations. Your insurance doesn’t always inform you of all the necessary details in relation to your claim. Here at Performance Adjusting, we look at everything in great detail to make sure you and your loved ones are taken care of.