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Whether your business was interrupted by fire, water, mold, theft, or another incident, one thing is certain; you missed out on revenue. Whether your brick & mortar shop was closed for the month, or you were forced to purchase new office equipment, Performance Adjusting can help to quantify the lost revenue and extra expenses incurred as a result of the incident. Once we’ve found the number, we’ll make sure that your insurance provider covers it.

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your business has come to a halt, now what?

Whether a car drove through your office wall, or a fire left the building inoperable, you’ve been unable to conduct business as usual. As a result, your top-line revenue is going to take a hit. How long until you can open up shop? How many customers have you lost as a result? Will your insurance provider reimburse for the lost revenue? When you call our support center, we can help you find these answers.

Handling business interruption claims is a tricky, drawn-out process, since insurance providers are reluctant to cover the hypothetical revenue lost. Luckily, we handle the entire insurance claims process for you. All financial, legal, and logistical processes are managed by our team of trained experts that look to get you the highest possible settlement from your insurance provider. The Performance Adjusting team will use it’s proven techniques and technology to provide a detailed estimate of the damages, expenses incurred, and lost revenue, then communicate these numbers to your insurance provider. Once we’ve earned you the settlement that you deserve, we take our 10% adjusters fee. 

Since we only win when you win, you know we’ll be on top of our game.

Here’s How We Handle the Process

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What’s a Public Adjuster, and why do I need one?

That’s a great question. We are a team of specialists who deal with insurance claim policies related to property damage. When your home, business, or other property is damaged, we come in and take the claims process off of your hands to ensure that you get the most money possible. Many people don’t understand how much they are eligible for in damages, and end up losing hundreds to thousands of dollars in the process. We offer free in-home consultations to assess the damages, then handle the entire communications process to take the stress off of your shoulders. Once the claim is approved, we receive a small share of the settlement, and you get your life back.

Any type of property owner, whether they own a business, home, or commercial real estate. Here at Performance, we excel at assuring every claim we handle is paid out at the maximum value ranging from a single-family home to large commercial building.
Yes.  For example, a business owner puts in a claim for a pipe break. While the inspection is taking place, the adjuster notices a few missing shingles on the roof from the most recent windstorm. If covered under your policy, another insurance claim can be put in to address the wind damaged roof.
In many cases, losses can result in losing business income for an extended period. If the reason for the loss of income is due to the loss that occurred, most policies include loss of business income.  This coverage would take into consideration the income your business regularly receives. Here at Performance Adjusting, we have accounting specialists to assist you with this facet of the claim.
An undisputed payment is the payment that represents the original offer from the insurance company in relation to the coverage.  A supplemental payment includes any payments that follow the undisputed amount. For example, if the insurance company writes an estimate that pays a net of $10,000.00, they should issue this payment immediately because they have already agreed this is the minimum the loss is worth (undisputed).  Supplemental payments are in result of further negotiations or issues that may come up during the reconstruction process. Claims have a two-year statute of limitations, which means we can fight for additional funds for two years following the inception of the claim.
Once a settlement has been reached and the insurance company has all the requested information, a check will be issued.  This check typically takes 7-10 business days to arrive.
This means that your property’s total insurance is less than the value of the property itself. If a loss were to occur, you may have a penalty applied and the full payment of the loss would not be issued. It is critical to ensure that you have enough coverage in your insurance policy. An adjuster from Performance Adjusting would be more than happy to review your policy for you free of charge.
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